Apparati e Piattaforme CR/SDR

Presso il laboratorio LESC sono disponibili i seguenti apparati:

Piattaforma/Apparato Descrizione Utilizzo principale
Nutaq uSDR420 SDR FPGA Platform (2x) Hi-end software programmable radio design testbed based on FPGA (Virtex-6) capable of MIMO radio signals up to 28MHz of bandwidth in the frequency 300MHz-3GHz. Key feature are: 
  • SISO, dual-band and 2x2 MIMO RF transceivers
  • Wide frequency range — 300 MHz–3 GHz
  • Selectable bandwidth — 1.5–28 MHz
  • Selectable RF bands with multistandard filter banks
  • Multiple reference configurations and expansion modes
  • Individually shielded RX and TX analog paths
  • VITA 57.1 FMC — LPC one transceiver, HPC two transceivers
  • Plug&Play with Lyrtech Perseus cards
  • ML605, Zedboard included reference designs
  • Gnu Radio support for Nutaq SDR systems
  • Gnu Radio support with Avnet's Zedboard
Cognitive Radio Design, Wireless Security, Wideband Wireless Standard emulation, SDR
Ettus Research USRP v.1 (2x)

The USRP1 is the original Universal Software Radio Peripheral hardware and can stream up to 8 MS/s through the USB 2.0 host interface. It also contains connections for two full transmit and receive, and RX chains, which allows a system built with the USRP1 to provide superior transmit/receive isolation and dual-band operation.

Ettus Research USRP v.2 (2x)

The USRP N200 offers high-bandwidth, high-dynamic range processing capability. The Gigabit Ethernet interface of the USRP N200 allows high-speed streaming capability up to 50 MS/s in both directions (8-bit samples). These features, combined with plug-and-play MIMO capability make the USRP N200 an ideal candidate for software defined radio systems with demanding performance requirements.

USRP Daugherboards

 (2x) RFX900 Tx/Rx, Freq Bandwidth(MHz): (Full-Duplex) 750 MHz – 1050 MHz, Power Output(mW): 30-200, Noise Figure (dB): 5-10
(2x) RFX2400 Tx/Rx, Full-Duplex 2.3 GHz – 2.9 GHz 30 50 5-10
(2x) XCVR2450 Tx/Rx, Half-Duplex 2.4 GHz – 2.5 GHz 33 100 5-10

Agilent E4402B Spectrum Analyzer 9 kHz to 3.0 GHz Digital Spectrum Analizer with Vector Analysis SW module. Signal measurements and radio device verification
Tektronix Digital Oscilloscope TDS 2024 Four channels digital storage oscilloscope, 2 Gsps, 200MHz  Signal measurements and radio device verification

Sundance SMT8036 SDR Platform

The SMT8036 is a C64xx-based module (SMT365) combined with a dual high-speed ADC/DAC module (SMT370).
SMT365 characteristics:
⇒ TMS320C6416 processor running at 600MHz
⇒ 16MB of ZBTRAM (133MHz)
⇒ 8MByte Flash ROM for boot code and FPGA programming
⇒ High bandwidth data I/O via 2 Sundance High-speed Buses (SHB).
SMT370 characteristics:
⇒ Two 14-bit ADCs (AD6645-105) sampling at up to 105MHz,
⇒ Dual 16-bit TxDAC (AD9777) sampling at up to 400MHz (interpolation),
⇒ Two 20 MegaByte/s communication ports,
⇒ Xilinx Virtex-II FPGA,
Satellite Signals Emulation, SDR
Nallatech XtremeDSP Development Kit

The XtremeDSP Development Kit-IV is an ideal development platform for the Virtex-4 FPGA and provides an entry into the scalable DIME-II systems available from Nallatech. Its dual channel high performance ADCs and DACs, as well as the user programmable Virtex-4 device are ideal to implement high performance signal processing applications such as Software Defined Radio, 3G Wireless, Networking, HDTV or Video Imaging.


  • Xilinx Devices:  XC4SX35-10FF668
  • Two independent ADC channels: AD6645 ADC (14-bits up to 105 MSPS)
  • Two independent DAC channels: AD9772 DAC (14-bits up to 160 MSPS)
  • Two banks of ZBT-SRAM (133 MHz, 512K x 32 bits per bank)
  • Host interfacing via 3.3V/5V PCI 32-bit/33 MHz or JTAG interfaces
Complex Signals generation, interference emulation
Xilinx IDE DSP System Edition 14 FPGA Synthesis software bundle (incl. System Generator, model based Simulink integration) FPGA synthesis


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