The CSP Lab. (Communications & Signal Processing Laboratory) personnell consists of one Full Professor, three Associate Professor,  several Researchers, Research Contract, and PhD students, one administration staff and one technician. Some students also co-operate with the research activity during their degree thesis.

Prof. L. Alparone - Full Professor Head of LESC

Prof. A. Piva - Associate Professor
Prof. F. Argenti - Associate Professor
Ing. L. Mucchi - Assistant Professor
Ing. L. Pierucci - Assistant Professor
Ing. G. Fabbri - CNIT Researcher
Ing. S. Morosi - Researcher
Massimo Iuliani - Ph.D Student
Ing. D. Shullani - Ph. D. Student
Daniele Baracchi - Research Contract  
Alessandro Nozzoli - Technician Silvia Fiori - CNIT Administration